Clément Faydit
Graphic designer
(033) 6 35 28 42 16 (FR)
Maison FDV

Feel free to contact me for any inquiries or collaboration.

* Driftongues, Editorial project, Hors Pistes Nuuk Resiency, with Clelia Coussonnet and Alex Simopoulos
* William Starling Burgess, Ingénieur naval et aéronautique, poète et typographe ; tome 2 : Le jour de la mort de William Starling
* Maison FDV, publishing house, text drawing and books, with Rozenn Voyer
02.01.2019 — Hors Pistes Nuuk Residency, collective exhibtion, CID, Le Grand Hornu (BE)
09.07.2019 — Hors Pistes Nuuk Residency, collective exhibtion, MUDAC, Lausanne (CH)

William Starling Burgess, Ingénieur naval et aéronautique, poète et typographe ; tome 1 : Le rieur éternel, 1878-1926 , MORE SOON
                        Club des Bartleby & associés, annual meeting, 23 mars 2019, with Camille Baroux
Sarah Eaves, imprimeure, 8 pages, 10.5×18cm, 2017, on

Foum-Bir-Seid, collection, 64 pages, 21×29.7cm, available on pdf on, with Rozenn Voyer
Wet Hill, Thierry Liegois at Fondation Renaud. With Rozenn Voyer.
L'IMAGE-LIVRE Publishers and artists of the Czech avant-garde (1920-1930), MAD Bordeaux. With Christophe Jacquet.

Sarah, Marianna, Stanley, Jean, Walt,Ulysse, Marie, Roberto, Miklós Klaus, Bottom of the Lake, Mrs Eaves, Starling. FICTION HISTORIQUE ET DESIGN GRAPHIQUE déplacement, combinaison, intrusion. Master thesis.
1/5 de table for No Pain No Gain (Clermont-Ferrand). With Rozenn Voyer. Maison Fdv

Bienvenue with Christophe Jacquet, with Thierry Chancogne, with Jean Senac, with l'ECAL, with Kopa, with Designing Writing, with tombolo presses

Le pont dans la forêt. Fictional book. With Camille Baroux. Soon in Monotrope.

for and with Christophe Jacquet, will be published in 2018 by

DIO(RAT)MA for Revue DIORAMA. With Rozenn Voyer.

AMAS n°3 — Corps Folklore. With Clémentine Léon and Benoît Clément

AMAS n°2 — Volume Série. With Clémentine Léon and Benoît Clément

AMAS N°1 — Salon Soleil. With Clémentine Léon and Benoît Clément

Intraview about Billy Copley, by Baldwin le renard

With Benoît Clément and Maxime Delavet.
                                  Caca doit arrêter, par Baldwin le renard.

                                       With Manuella Dechamps Otammendi.

With Morgane Masse.

Slash: A Punk Magazine from Los Angeles, 1977–80. Softcover, 496 pages. Published by Hat and Beard Press. With Brian Roettinger Studio.
Des espaces de (liberté) critique du design actuel, Sarah Dulac. With Morgane Masse.
For La société des amis de Félicien de Mont-Batty. With Benoît Clément.

← Memento Mori. With Jeremy Barrault.

Gustav Metzger, an art of Manifesto.

           Les collections de l'Insee. Activité et processus de destruction d'une œuvre d'art. Inkjet.
                     For and with Marion Faydit


          Le bruit du monde. 250 pages, printed by Papier Machine (riso). With Benoît Clément and Morgane Masse.

Les corps conducteurs. 1652 pages. With Benoît Clément, Alex Balgiu, Jerôme Dupeyrat and Laurent Sfar. Still in the middle of somewhere

Installation at ServiceGarage, Amsterdam. With Paul Bailey.

Les Appartés, exhibition. With Morgane Masse.

← Flush The Flush, with Laurent Isnard

Set up and poster for "We specialize in outdoor advertising", poster selection by Colby Poster Printing Company presented by Alex Balgiu and Brian Roettinger at Ensba Lyon
← With Benoît Clément and Morgane Masse